How to log in?

Databases are now available without logging in to all users from computers on the UMED network.

You can access the databases from computers outside the UMED network if you have an active account in the library system or an e-mail account in the or domain.

Who can log in to the HAN system?

  • students, doctoral students and study audience of the Medical University of Lodz
  • employees of the Medical University of Lodz

How to use the HAN system?

On the CIB website, under the tab – Resources and Sources, click on the link of the selected database. A login window will appear, into which you need to enter your login and password.

There are two ways to log in to resources:

  • Do you have an account in the domain or Use your email address and current password to log in.
  • If you do not have an account in the and domains, you must have an active library account in the Information and Library Center – to do so, log in by entering your login preceded by the UM prefix and your student ID number, e.g. UM123456, and the password used in the electronic catalog is 5 zeros.

Where can I create a library account?

Every student starting at the Medical University of Lodz and employee of the university receives an individual ID number placed on the student ID card or employee card. To set up a library account and register your card, just go to the staff of the Circulation Desk (ground floor of the CIB).

What if we can’t log into the HAN system?

If you have problems logging in, contact the staff of the Information Desk, the Circulation Desk, or the Information Technology Department directly. 

If you have a blocked library account – check if the books have been returned on time, if the return date has been extended or if late return fees have been paid.

If your library account is blocked, using remote access and reserving and borrowing books is not possible.

Does the HAN system require configuration?

HAN does not require any additional installation or web browser configuration.

For databases marked as HAN, browsers that support the full HTML5 standard should be used, ie: Google Chrome, FireFox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.

Is there alternative access to electronic resources?

Access to electronic resources at the Information and Library Center of the Medical University of Lodz does not require a login. Any visitor can use them. Only an attempt to order books or borrow them through the catalog will require logging in with a library account.