Open Researcher and Contributor ID

In accordance with the Law of 20 July 2018 “Law on Higher Education and Science”, any person who conducts scientific activity and whose output will be taken into account during the Evaluation of the quality of scientific activity is required to have an “electronic researcher identifier”. Articles and monographs will only be included in the evaluation if their information is included in the database accessible through such an identifier.

The obligation for persons conducting scientific activities to have an ORCID identifier stems from the Constitution for Science. According to its provisions, every scientist is obliged to have an ORCID number and to link it to an account in the PBN system. If a person’s publications are not included in the ORCID system, they will not be taken into account in the evaluation process, including the one to be carried out in 2022.

ORCID is an international, free, unique identifier that uniquely identifies the author of a publication. It is available to individuals and institutions, regardless of where they live, work or type of scientific activity. It consists of 16 digits divided into four parts. It does not include the date of creation or the country code of the researcher.
Example of ORCID number: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-3334-2835

Once you have created an account on the ORCID platform, you must:

  • provide your ORCID number to the Human Resources Office
  • link your ORCID account to your PBN account
  • link the ORCID account to the Scopus database
  • authenticate the PublicUM database in your profile on the ORCID platform (Instruction PL, Instruction EN)
  • provide your ORCID number when sending new publications to publishers

As of 2021. The Medical University of Lodz is a member of ORCID.

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