Bibliometric analyses are produced for, among other things:

  • obtaining doctoral, post-doctoral and professorial degrees
  • obtaining confirmation of publications for specialisation
  • applications for scientific grants
  • competition applications
  • employment at the Medical University of Łódź.

The statement is made upon request of the person concerned:

  • UMED employees and PhD students – based on the PublicUM database. Before ordering the analysis, it is necessary to verify the completeness of the output in the system. Missing publications should be reported through the Process Portal using the AP10.02 application.
  • persons outside UMED – based on the list of publications sent to the e-mail address.

The bibliometric analysis takes up to 10 working days to complete.

The prepared analysis will be sent back by e-mail to the person concerned for verification and approval. The approved document is signed by an employee of the Information and Library Centre and, depending on the request, a scan is sent to the e-mail address or a paper version is issued for collection in the Information and Library Centre building.

Confirmation of participation in the publication is issued by the Central Library of Medicine and its branches and the libraries of the medical schools.

A specimen of the acknowledgement can be downloaded electronically by clicking on the link below: Confirmation of participation in scientific publications template.

The acknowledgement form should be completed electronically and sent to

Please name the file in the format “SPECIALISATION- first name last name”.

After verification by a staff member of the Information and Library Centre, the signed and stamped document will be sent back to the sender as a scan.

For applications for research grants, competitions and employment at UMED, please contact the Bibliography and Bibliometrics Department for details of the documents needed.


Bibliography and Bibliometrics Department
phone +48 (42) 272 54 22