Price list of services


We have provided a ZECCER self-service printer at the Information and Library Center, so you can print from any device with a PC, tablet or smartphone.
Instructions for use are available on the service provider’s website at the link: PRINT
Pricing for printing in accordance with the provider’s service.

UMED students and employees can use the CIB 24/6 printer.
All others are welcome during the opening hours of the Information and Library Center.

Fine for holding borrowed books

Fines apply to all CIB users and will be charged in the amount of:
0,30 PLN from each overdue book, for each day after the return date.

An example penalty for 5 overdue books will be respectively:
5 books x 0.30 PLN = 1.50 PLN per day
3 days = 4,50 PLN
10 days = 15 PLN

Please send the fees for the untimely return of books to the bank account: 46 1050 1461 1000 0005 0378 4118.
In the “transfer title” field, please write: For retention of books for CIB UM.

Please send the confirmation of the transfer in a pdf file to the address of the Circulation Desk: