Information and Library Center


Witold Kozakiewicz, M.Sc.

There are four Departments within the structure of the CIB:

Scientific Information and User Services Department

The Department of Scientific Information and User Services is responsible for serving users and assisting UM students and employees in accessing scientific information.

The scope of tasks of each section:

Circulation Desk
– borrowing and returning books
– circulation card after payment of all arrears to the library
– checking the balance of the library account

Interlibrary loan service
– realization of interlibrary lend
– interlibrary cooperation and exchange of publications with libraries and other domestic and foreign institutions

Information Desk
– assistance in handling electronic sources of scientific information available at the CIB
– orders publications not available in the CIB through interlibrary loan
– reservation of quiet study rooms

Science information
– assisting in searching science literature in biomedical sciences in available electronic databases
– assisting UM students and employees in using electronic scientific information tools
– assisting authors in the publication process of their manuscripts (editing and proofreading of Polish texts) within the UM Publishing House

Bibliography and Bibliometrics Department

The department deals with the collection of scientific achievements of employees of the Medical University of Lodz in the PublicUM database, performing bibliometric analyses, among others for the purposes of scientific promotions, exporting data to PBN (parameterization of the university), copyright, open access, research data management plans, scientific and research publications (domestic and foreign).

Library Department of Collection Management

The Library Department of Collection Management carries out the tasks of collecting, processing and digitizing library collections. We deal with the purchase of scientific books, textbooks, databases and journal subscriptions.

Information Technology Department

The Information Technology Department administers the services and IT systems and equipment of the Information and Library Center, ensuring continuity in access to electronic resources and the digital library. We manage and organize access to digital library resources, and maintain a repository of medical objects.